Battle of the Browsers : Microsoft Claims That Chrome Drains Battery Life

An efficient browser that helps one perform multiple talks online without taking a toll on the battery life is close to reality, with advances in technology and software design. Microsoft, last Monday, made a case to everyone that the Edge is the best browser in the market in terms of safeguarding your battery life and efficiency.

Microsoft said that Google’s Chrome browser drains a laptop’s batteries and takes up maximum space from the memory. Google had previously mentioned plans of improving Chrome’s effects on the battery life of a PC or a computer and hasn’t made much progress in that. To prove its point, Microsoft launched a video test that explains why using browsers such as Firefox, Opera and especially Chrome is a bad influence on one’s laptop. The experiment showed Microsoft running Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers on the Surface book and running same set of tasks parallel on each. The Surface book was connected to a specialized power monitoring equipment in order the measure the actual power usage of the browsers during the tasks. The first task comprised of an automated program that opened webpages in the browser, scrolled through various articles and opened various tabs. The second task, just took notes of how long the laptops would last while they had HD videos being streamed on.

The Chrome browser lasted for only 4 hours and 19 minutes. The Mozilla Firefox gave up next within a little over 5 hours. Opera lasted for 6 hours and 18 minutes –thanks to its new battery saver feature. The winner, Edge, lasted for 7 hours and 22 minutes before draining the battery. A recent test conducted by the Wall Street Journal also showed similar results.

Watch the Microsoft Edge Experiment here.

Microsoft also proved statistically, collecting data from millions of Window 10 laptops, that Edge consumes the lowest power in comparison to the other three browsers.


The company claimed than Edge performs 70 percent better than Chrome does on battery life, but the Wall Street Journal had a different conclusion which suggested that users still use Chrome on Windows 10 because Edge does not currently support ad blockers/password managers. Even though Edge wins in terms of efficiency, Edge and Internet explorer’s market share is only 10.3 percent, whereas Chrome has a market share of 58.7 percent.

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