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Deeplink, a mobile deep-linking provider of developer and app network solutions, recently announced a new service called AppWords Concierge, which is an in-app assistant that is now available in private beta. Its primary function is to engage in-app users by providing suggestions and content based on their searches and queries, and communicate with users on a one-on-one basis in real time.

With the growing number of users on apps for both personal and business purposes, the need to ease things around the mobile front has become a necessity. According to Deeplink, mobile searching has become a hassle for users, given the small size of the screen and the inadequate search results. Most of the app-specific queries that users search on search engines are not adequately answered, and Concierge was created to provide contextual awareness to mobile search, provide preemptive search results and to improve the overall experience of an app user.


The above image is a mock-up of how AppWords Concierge works in a travel app. The “assistant” engages the in-app user in a conversation, and guides the user through every step in making a hotel reservation. It also provides suggestions along the way. Basically, the service learns app user preferences, extract intent from the actions performed within the app and help these users find useful and interesting things to do within the app and otherwise.

The main goal of this service is to bring in more users to search more on mobile, by providing a pre-emptive mobile search. That said, Deeplink does not want AppWords to be perceived as another chatbot.- instead, it sees itself a lot less like a chat and more like a ‘Google Now’.

AppWords Concierge is currently in private beta, but developers can integrate the product in a few steps as part of an early go-to-market strategy. According to Klausman, co-founder of Deeplink, the product will ultimately be rolled into the upper pricing tiers of Deeplink’s core Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for organic and post-install deep links, including analytics and reporting. The platform has deep links enabled for a number of apps including JackThreads, Urban Outfitters and Shazam. Deeplink conducted a number of tests and AppWords displayed 30 percent increase in session length, 40 percent increase in page views per session and a 15 percent increase in total conversions. If the service proves to be as credible in improve engagement and providing content, then it could easily be an alternative search engine for users. An official public release date has not been set yet, but the private beta is expected to last about three months.

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