Apple Opens a Support Account on Twitter

Apple’s tech-support geniuses are now on twitter, and operate by the name of @AppleSupport.

“We’re here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most. We’re available every day to answer your questions, from 5am-8pm,” the account tweeted.

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It is not the first time an apple account is on twitter. @AppleMusic (8M followers) and @AppStore (4.3M followers) accounts have focused solely on providing assistance with Apple music and Apple store respectively. Chances are that the Apple Support account was launched to address general and not focused customer queries. The need probably arose because Apple Music and App Store accounts received support questions for other Apple services. But, unlike these Apple accounts on Twitter, Apple Support is noted to be less about promotions and more about engaging with customers and assisting with customer queries.

Twitter has enhanced their customer services by the introduction of Direct Messages and customer feedback feature. Apple hopes to not only provide useful information and tips, but also respond to Direct Messages from its customers. Within few hours of its launch, the account gained 35,000 followers and had tweeted about a variety of subjects ranging from Safari browser help to iPhone support. The Apple support account currently has 175k followers and has over 6K tweets. Through this strong public-facing social media presence, Apple Support is potentially headed towards becoming the largest twitter account.

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