Android Beats Windows As Most Popular OS

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With respect to internet usage, Android is now the most popular operating system beating Windows for the first time ever. The data released Monday looked at general usage patterns across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Internet users on the Windows platform stood at 37.92% while that on Android was estimated at 37.94%. Marking a milestone in technology and ending Microsoft’s leadership of the Operating System market over the last three decades. This is also a major breakthrough for Android as this OS held only 2% of global internet usage till 5 years ago.
The main reason for the shift in power is the growth of internet browsing on smartphones, especially in emerging markets. According to a map released by experts, Android internet usage was concentrated in countries in Asia and the Middle East, including many countries in Africa. Microsoft is leading the desktop market share, but the world is going mobile. If expert review is examined, it could imply that the stage is being set for Android to become the OS of choice for the crossover mobile and desktop experience. Another South Korean electronics major recently announced a new platform alongside its flagship smartphone, which promises to turn the Android phone into a desktop experience when the device is docked.
Other concepts including a Chrome OS merger with Android, as Google recently allowed Chromebooks the ability to download Android apps. Although it might not be the best thing for the Chrome OS ecosystem if that were to happen. Point driven home is no matter which OS is involved, the future of smartphones will have a big impact on the future of the desktop, and whether or not Android will participate in the future of the desktop.

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