AdWords Introduces Three New Cross-device Attribution Reports

About a year ago, AdWords introduced cross-device attribution reports to show how customers interacted with ads on their devices, and also to indicate the various devices involved in the process to conversion. These reports not only reveal the various paths through which users navigate through ad clicks and impressions, but also indicate if the initial interaction happened on a particular device while the conversion happened on another.

According to a study from Google, 6 to 10 internet users in the US start their interactions with ads on one device and end up doing their later or final transactions on another device. Google announced recently that it is introducing three new reports that would help brands and marketers get deeper insight on cross device activity of users. The company also announced the re-organisation of the “Attribution” section under the Tools menu in Google AdWords.

The three new reports in the Attribution section of AdWords help brands plan their advertising more efficiently, and help them make informed decisions on ways to optimise future campaigns. Following are the new reports we are talking about –


This report summarizes the cross-device activity for your ads and campaigns in your account. It provides information on the number of conversions and the percentage of conversions that happened through cross-device activity.


Reports regarding the number of click-assisted conversions for each type of device can be obtained. Also, the ratio of these click assisted conversions to the last click conversion for each device can be obtained.


This report summarizes the path between devices that users use from clicks to conversions. Such insights are useful to determine the order in which people use devices to carry out a conversion.


The new reports and the previous ones have their own tabs under the “attribution reporting” menu. The reports are yet to be rolled out globally.

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