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Google has been stressing the importance of winning over the so-called micro-moments section for many years now. Customers are noted to have researched and considered a purchase, and it remains crucial to be visible and stubborn in such times, sending the right message at an opportune moment on the right device, if you want to win a sale.
Till now, the best way to reach those consumers with AdWords was by targeting the right high-intent magic keywords. But a person’s previous searches can be very revealing, or predictive even. Thanks to machine learning and Google, we are now better able to make sense of some signals to do better predictions. So Google has given advertisers Consumer Patterns & Life Events, a new weapon to target the relevant and engaged audience segments. This is monumental and is one of 11 new features announced at Google Marketing Next.
Facebook was the first to offer this powerful targeting capability and now, Google has caught up. Available on YouTube and coming this fall to Gmail Ads, you can use this feature to get your brand in front of the right people at those crucial moments and to drive people to your website.
Adwords Life Events helps a marketer target users in the months before or after a major life event, like a graduation or a marriage. For this to work a user must be signed into Google as Life Events are powered by the search history. Google would like to help advertisers reach people at key moments while making important purchase decisions. “Consumers going through life events are much more likely to have similar purchase requirements than consumers that are merely in the same age or income demographic”, said a senior Google official.
At Google Marketing Next, Google had highlighted a client who had seen great results from life events targeting. They were able to manage a 50 percent lift in ad recall, 35 percent lift in purchase intent and 5x lift in people searching for their product on Google. Aren’t these great numbers? This is proof that life events can work amazingly well for advertisers too. Another mattress manufacturer had found great success with this targeting feature. The goal was to drive purchase intent with Life Events. They reached people who had moved recently or had gotten married, or about to move or get married. Linking these to potential audiences that are more likely to be in the market for a new mattress, they asked a question “What’s in your mattress?”. The search lift was equally impressive. Noted was a 155 percent increase in moving companies and 178 percent increase among people searching for mattresses. “Google’s audience solutions allow us to reach people as they go through key life transitions that correspond with increased likelihood to purchase a mattress,”  says the director of digital marketing at the mattress manufacturer. “Getting our creatives in front of these high value audiences has been critical for our business goals.”
These consumer patterns & life events targeting is a potential game-changer for advertisers, and although Google is late to the overall life event targeting party, we now have ways to generate more demand for products or services with PPC marketing.

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