Advertisers Will Love Facebook’s New Engagement Custom Audience

Advertising on Facebook is getting not just easier but also more productive with each update. The Engagement Custom Audiences that Facebook released few months ago has opened doors to various forms of engagement that was never previously possible on the platform.

Engagement Custom Audiences can be set by choosing the “Create Audience” under the Audiences tab in your Business Manager Account, and further clicking the “Custom Audience”. Now, you will be able to select from various options, by clicking further on “Engagement on Facebook” and selecting the associated brand page later. Custom Audiences feature also lets you choose the duration for which users will remain in the engagement audience post engaging with the page. This can be any day between 1 day to 365 days.


With Engagement Custom Audiences, advertisers can now advertise to users who have previously engaged with the brand or company on Facebook. Targeting can be done for the following types of engagement –

  • Users who visited your Facebook page
  • Users who have liked, commented, reacted, swiped through, clicked or shared an post or ad on your page
  • Users who have clicked any available call-to-action button
  • Users who have interacted with the brand through wall posts or messages
  • Users who have saved your Page or your post
  • Users who have previously engaged in any form with your page

This feature is currently being rolled out only to few advertisers.
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