Adobe Flash to be discontinued

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Loved and hated across the world, our favorite plugin won’t be put out of service until 2020. But Adobe has signaled that the end is near. Flash was earlier the technology powering thousands of games and videos of early internet times. For animation, it allowed the creation of click games and in doing so helped create the web of today. Apart from being slow and unwieldy, it was filled with security issues, meaning hackers could breach people’s computers and software’s. These problems led experts encouraging people to delete the plug-in as soon as possible, to avoid any further problems. Much of the functionality has been replaced by the new HTML5, an invention that avoids the problems of Flash, but includes identical functionality.
Adobe’s Vice President,Product Development, said that advances in rival products made Flash ripe for discontinuing. Competitors have matured enough and are plenty capable to provide alternatives to Flash player”, he said. Very few technologies have had such an impact in the internet era,” he added. Adobe bought Flash in 2005, and installation stood at 98 per cent of computers in use. That number presently is estimated at 17 per cent, and continues to drop rapidly. Steve Jobs famously hated Flash. He despised it a lot and refused to allow it on the iPhone, a decision widely seen as the beginning of the end. This caused some problems as the Apple phone was unable to open videos and games that were all across the internet. But the phone survived due to its popularity. Adobe even took out full-page ads in newspapers and pleaded with Apple to not drop it from the phone. But Apple did, and the internet world worked around it.
This news comes just days after Microsoft announced that it would kill Paint, and a few days later, said that the huge outrage meant that it would be kept for a while. But Flash hardly has any of the same nostalgia value or supporters, and so is unlikely to be mourned.

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